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Steering Wheel Lock Anti Theft Password Lock

Steering Wheel Lock Anti Theft Password Lock

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  • High security:the steering wheel lock protected by a password, no need to carry additional keys. The mechanical digital password lock is more stable, durable, sturdy and reliable. It prevents the master key and can be opened with a 5-digit password. The combination of passwords is as high as 100 thousand. The cracking rate is extremely low, which can prevent the vehicle from being stolen. Generally used for car steering wheels, easy to install and use.

  • Durable design:the lock body is made of reinforced alloy, which is anti cutting, anti drilling, sawing prevention, prying prevention. adjust the size of tensile lock body according to the actual situation , convenient and practical

  • Multi function use: the lock time is short, fast and convenient use. The lock has a solid lock body, in addition to the anti-theft, can also used as a self-defense weapon and smash the window for safety escape

  • General accessories:double U-shaped lock fork design, more firmly fixed on the steering wheel. Adjust the size of the stretch lock body according to the actual situation, which is convenient and practical. Suitable for cars, vans, trucks and SUVs, even with the addition of steering wheel covers.


  • Stretching Length: 8.8"

  • Product Material: Steel + ABS

  • Lock Length after Stretching: 27"

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