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NESCAFE : Dolce Gusto : Lungo Coffee Pods

NESCAFE : Dolce Gusto : Lungo Coffee Pods

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  • Nescafe Dolce Gusto.

Details and Features:

  • Here you get a lungo pod for your Dolce Gusto® machine, which brews a bold, dark-roasted cup of coffee created on exquisite Arabica beans from Ethiopia, Brazil and Columbia.
  • With a good fullness, an intense aroma and a beautiful, golden layer of crema, you get an excellent taste experience, with a cup that has fruity notes and slightly spicy undertones.
  • Here an lungo which is best enjoyed slowly. It is not too strong in taste, but has enough aroma to awaken the senses. And since it is brewed like a lungo, the cup size is also slightly larger than for a regular espresso.
  • Compared to an Americano, it is slightly more intense, and differs by having a fuller crema. It is a variant that, although it can of course be enjoyed all day, may be especially suitable for breakfast, with its aromatic taste and good ability to wake you up.
  • We supply it in 16 pods that brew it perfectly in your Dolce Gusto ® machine to give you a good start to the day.


  • 16 x Pods.

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