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Kixx Grease MP3 General Purpose Automotive and Industrial Grease(500G)

Kixx Grease MP3 General Purpose Automotive and Industrial Grease(500G)

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Kixx Grease is a smooth, buttery texture, yellowish, translucent, general purpose automotive and industrial grease with adhesive properties manufactured from lithium soap and containing an oxidation inhibitor.


• Most automotive grease applications including wheel bearings, ball joints, universal joints and linkages.

• Industrial ball and roller bearing, plain bearing, niddle bearing.

• General industrial applications where EP characteristics are not needed.

• Protects bearings from damage under light-load or shock-load conditions.

• Lubricates effectively in wet conditions due to its resistance to water washout.

• Provides long service life through high oxidation stability.

• Resists leakage from bearing through good mechanical stability.

• Does not run down and gives continuous lubrication thanks to its excellent tackiness.

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