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IKEA : HALLBAR : Bin with Lid

IKEA : HALLBAR : Bin with Lid

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  • IKEA.
  • Deisgned by Henrik Preutz

Details and Features:

  • HALLBAR bins are designed to meet different waste sorting needs.
  • This bin is perfect for sorting tin cans, small packages such as hygiene products or to store paper rolls or shopping bags.
  • HALLBAR bins are stackable to save space.
  • Place same-size bins on top of each other or place smaller bins on top of the larger ones.
  • The bins can be placed freestanding anywhere in your home or integrated in a cabinet or drawer.
  • A lid is included to hide your waste.
  • It’s removeable for easy cleaning or if you prefer to keep your bin open.
  • By mounting HALLBAR pull out frame for waste sorting bins in a cabinet or HALLBAR support frame for waste sorting bins in MAXIMERA high drawer, the bins stay in place, and you get good access and overview.
  • In the kitchen, mount your waste sorting as close to the sink as possible since this is where most waste is produced and to avoid spills.
  • The included sticker can be attached to the bin to mark what you are sorting.
  • Draw or write on the sticker to make it clear what goes in the bin.
  • The bin is designed with rounded corners to make it easier to clean.
  • The folding handle makes it easy to carry the bin with you to the waste station.
  • A ring on the top edge of the bin hides the waste bag and keeps it in place.
  • It’s removable either for easy cleaning or if not being used.

Care Instructions:

  • Wipe dry with a clean cloth.
  • Wipe clean with a soft cloth dampened in water and a mild non-abrasive washing-up detergent or soap, if necessary.


  • Lower outer measure, depth: 14.7 cm
  • Lower outer measure, width: 20.1 cm
  • Upper outer measure, depth: 21.2 cm
  • Upper outer measure, width: 26.3 cm
  • Height: 32.6 cm
  • Volume: 10 l


  • Bucket/ Lid/ Hinge/ Ring:Polypropylene plastic (min. 20% recycled)
  • Handle:Reinforced polyamide plastic (min. 20% recycled)

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