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Clean Cham Synthetic Chamois Magic Drying Towel For Car, Glass, Furniture

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  • Imitation chamois
  • This synthetic-chamois towel is ideal for car and household cleaning.
  • Besides the softness and warmness, it has the useful property of bearing soap without damage.
  • Its most common use is in automobile washing where it may be known as a “shammy” cloth.
  • Its water absorbency makes it good for other uses. Can be used for kitchen, restaurant and furniture clean
    • Ideal for :Cleaning car windows ,enamel,glass,furniture,etc
    • Used to care, clean and wash your car.
    • Great water absorb ability.

    To maintain your chamois in good condition

    • 1.To clean: wash the chamois in warm water with a mild soap detergent
    • 2.For Revitalization or Reuse: soak the chamois in water.
    • 3.After use: always keep the chamois slightly we

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