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Caffeine & Co. Pour Over Bags Pack of 8

Caffeine & Co. Pour Over Bags Pack of 8

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Caffeine & Co. Pour Over Bags Pack of 8

How to Brew

Step 1:
Tear open the filter bag from above

Step 2:
Hang the ears of the filter bag on a cup

Step 3:
Pour hot water
(3-4 times)

Step 4:
Remove the bag & enjoy your coffee

A pour over bag or drip coffee bag, is a small single-serve pour over sachet filled with ground coffee. They’re designed to be compact and easy to use, allowing you to simply clip the pouch onto your cup before pouring in hot water. Essentially, these bags rely on the same brewing style as methods like the V60 but require very little skill or preparation to get right. At the core, they are built to offer the same level of convenience as instant coffee sachets but with superior quality coming through from specialty ground coffee.

You can also enjoy your Pour Over Coffee with Milk! Use a bit less water to leave room for milk!

Roasted & Packed in Pakistan

House Blend 80% Arabica & 20% Robusta

Medium Dark Roast

Notes: Almond & Cocoa

Return policy

In line with our aim, we offer a 7 Day Replacement / Money Back Guarantee.

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