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ADDINOL ECONOMIC 0W-16 Engine Oil (Fuel Efficient Engine Oil for the Latest Engine Generation)

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Product details of ADDINOL ECONOMIC 0W-16 Engine Oil (Fuel Efficient Engine Oil for the Latest Engine Generation)

  • Excellent for modern cars with gasoline engines
  • Specifically for use in the latest generation of Japanese vehicles
  • Particularly suitable for use in cold climates
  • Excellent cold start behavior
  • Smooth running character
  • Excellent wear protection
  • Excellent engine cleanliness
  • Best aging stability
  • Minimal cold start wear due to the excellent flowability at low temperatures
  • Excellent fuel-saving potential and CO2 emissions reduction
  • Maximum protection and long engine life
  • Excellent cleaning properties guarantee a long service life for all components to be lubricated
  • Longest oil change intervals even when using flexible service systems
  • Suitable for the following petrol vehicles: • Toyota, Lexus • Mazda • Honda • Nissan, Infiniti • Mitsubishi • Subaru • Suzuki
  • ADDINOL Economic 016 is a low-viscosity engine oil of SAE class 0W-16 with reduced HTHS viscosity, specially developed by Japanese vehicle manufacturers for the latest engine generation.
  • This special combination of base oils of the latest synthesis technology and innovative additives guarantees excellent performance and ensures excellent cold start behavior at low temperatures.

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