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ADDINOL ECONOMIC 020 0W-20 ENGINE OIL (Made in Germany)

ADDINOL ECONOMIC 020 0W-20 ENGINE OIL (Made in Germany)

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Product details of ADDINOL ECONOMIC 020 0W-20 ENGINE OIL 

  • Product description
  • ADDINOL Economic 020 is a fuel-saving motor oil with reduced HTHS viscosity of SAE class 0W-20.
  • The optimal combination of base oils of the latest synthesis technology and innovative additives guarantees excellent performance and ensures excellent cold start behavior at low temperatures.APPLICATION AREAS
  • – Excellent for modern cars and vans.
  • – Specially for use in Asian and American vehicles with injection and turbo engines and catalytic converters.
  • – Preferably used in cold climates.PROPERTIES
  • – Excellent cold start behavior – Smooth
  • running character
  • – Excellent wear protection
  • – Excellent engine cleanliness
  • – Best agingstability BENEFITS FOR THE USER
  • – Minimal cold start wear due to the excellent flowability at low temperatures
  • – Excellent fuel saving potential
  • – Maximum protection and long service life of the engine
  • – Excellent cleaning properties guarantee a long service life for all components to be lubricated
  • – Longest oil change intervals even when flexible service is used systemssPECIFICATIONS
  • meets and exceeds the international specifications of:
  • API SN Resource Conserving with
  • ILSAC GF-5Complies with:
  • Ford WSS-M2C-945A
  • backwards compatible with:
  • – Ford WSS-M2C-930A
  • – Ford WSS-M2C-925A
  • Chrysler MS 6395
  • GM 6094M

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