Scholl : Express Pedi : Velvet Smooth With Diamond Crystals

  • Rs.7,900


  • Scholl.

Details and Features:

  • The unique roller head with diamond crystals gently removes hard skin leaving feet feeling silky smooth.
  • Soft, beautiful feet after one use.
  • Roller heads available in three different intensities: extra coarse for particularly thick and stubborn hard skin, regular course for excess hard skin and gentle for providing a perfect finish.
  • Ergonomically designed handle is molded to fit the hand, making it extremely comfortable and pleasant to use.
  • Comes with a safety feature that locks the roller in place if too much pressure is applied, preventing any injuries.

Care Instructions:

  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • For use on hard skin on the feet only.
  • Do not use in the same area more than 3–4 seconds at a time. Stop if skin becomes sore or inflamed.
  • Use only on dry (not wet) skin.
  • Do not use on broken, sore or irritated skin.
  • Do not submerge the device in water.
  • This product is not suitable for people with diabetes and those with poor blood circulation.
  • Keep long hair and clothing away from the device when in use.

In The Box:

  • 1 x electric corneal remover.
  • 1 x rough treatment roller.
  • 4 x AA batteries.
  • 1 x cover.

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